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Choose the wedding reception hall in 8 steps


Jan 23, 2023
wedding reception

During the preparations for your big event, you will have dozens of decisions to make, such as choosing a wedding decoration, so much so that it will sometimes be difficult for you to find your way around! By dint of having to decide between one color and another, different wedding events, a caterer and its competitor, a photographer and a videographer, you won’t know where to turn! To make it easier for you to select the location of your original wedding, here are a few steps to follow one after the other to make sure you don’t forget anything when deciding on the space that will host your evening.

Step 1: List your guests

Before embarking on the search for your reception hall, you must have in mind the number of guests who will be present on D-Day. This is a determining criterion on which you cannot compromise. Do not forget to count the children of your relatives if they are also invited to the party.

Step 2: Determine your priorities

To decide between 2 places, even between 10, nothing better than to have pre-established criteria. Make a list of the points on which you don’t want to make concessions (light, space, surroundings ,linen dress, etc.), and keep them in mind at each visit.

Step 3: city or countryside?

Are you lost? You do not know where to start ? Does the choice of reception venues seem unlimited to you? Start by asking yourself simple questions. Do you want a reception in the city or in the middle of nature? Do you prefer the intimacy of an inn or the magnificence of a castle ? You will gradually eliminate several options.

Step 4: Go to Marriage Forums

Do not hesitate to seek advice from other brides or brides-to-be . Surf the wedding forums in your area to get valuable comments and good addresses from people who are in the same situation as yours or who have recently married.

Step 5: contact several providers

A first contact is not binding. Go ahead and send messages or call all the places that have caught your attention. By discussing in more detail with the owners of these different spaces, you will obtain complete information which will help you to decide.

Step 6: Take Comparative Tours

Take the time to get there. A place that looks wonderful on the internet can turn out to be disappointing. Conversely, a room that does not seem to have much charm may surprise you once there. After making a list of your favorite reception spaces, visit their owners and see if the crush takes place.

Step 7: travel between the ceremony location and the reception location

Don’t forget this criterion of choice: the journey between your town hall/church and the residence where the festivities will take place must not turn into an obstacle course! In order to make things easier for your guests and to avoid losing a few on the way, try to choose a room near the location of your ceremony if possible .

Step 8: Let Your Heart Guide You

Although objective criteria must be taken into account, marriage is above all an affair of the heart. Also, let your intuition speak and choose a place where you feel good immediately. If you feel serenity and calm in the room you are visiting, it is certainly the perfect place to celebrate your union in the company of all those you love.

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