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Luxurious Elegance: A Guide To Banarasi Silk Sarees


Apr 26, 2024
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Introduction To Banarasi Silk Sarees

A Banarasi saree is a classic attire that is popular for its clear-cut craftsmanship. It has a lush texture, which is why it has been able to register its name on the history pages. A Banarasi silk saree is beautiful in every way. This saree has been winning hearts since its origin and is loved by women all over the world because of its complex weaving techniques. This eye-catching saree has a special place in fashion as it is made up of gold and silver threads. It is actually like a precious treasure that is passed on to generations. 

History And Heritage

The story behind each Banarasi saree is unique in itself. As the name says, a Banarasi saree originated in the city of Varanasi, also known as Banaras. The saree carries a legacy that goes back to the Mughal era. When artisans from Persia came to India, they brought their expertise in weaving techniques with them. During this time, the city of Banaras became the main area for silk weaving. The Banarasi silk saree is known for its royal and rich fabric choices. Over the years, these sarees have evolved, mixing Indian motifs with Persian taste.

Anatomy And Characteristics

A Banarasi saree is so popular because it is made using pure silk threads and exhibits a fine fabric that drapes around your body. The artisans use gold and silver threads to create motifs using kadwa and jangla weaving styles. These motifs can take inspiration from nature or mythology. They can also reflect some historical symbols. The rich zari work done on this saree makes it a symbol of luxury. Every Banarasi silk saree narrates a story of its own. The different types of Banarasi sarees are-

  • Katan silk saree- It is a handwoven silk saree with floral zari embroidery. 
  • Tussar silk- This is one of the purest silk sarees that recreates the magic of the 70’s.
  • Organza silk- This saree stands out when it comes to aesthetics and rich fabric.
  • Georgette Banarasi saree- This is one of the lightest fabrics that is woven to create a stunning saree with a nice flair.

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Weaving Techniques And Embellishments

A Banarasi saree is special because of its intricate and labor-intensive weaving techniques. The saree is woven using silk threads and each saree takes days to be completed. The process of making a Banarasi saree is a time-consuming process because of the precision involved. The use of zari work in making a Banarasi saree is what uplifts its charm and makes it unique. The intricate embellishments that adorn these sarees is another highlighting feature.

Styling Tips

Draping and styling a Banarasi saree for a wedding correctly can make all the difference. You can drape your saree in an open pallu style or a front pallu style. You can even drape your saree with a skirt to give it a more royal look. Some women love to drape their saree with a belt to look like a deity. Just like draping the saree correctly can catch a lot of eyeballs at the wedding, in the saree way, pairing your saree with the right ornaments can make you look breathtakingly beautiful. A red Banarasi saree with heavy embroidery looks lovely with a statement Kundan or polki choker, broad kadas, and earrings. Opt for embellished flats or elegant heels to give your saree a perfect shape. Don’t forget to carry an ethnic clutch with your saree. You can also opt for a bun and add a hair accessory like a gajra or a floral hairpin to look subtle yet elegant.

Care And Maintenance

Silk sarees have a delicate charm that can be maintained with proper care and maintenance. You can keep your exquisite bridal red Banarasi saree in its pristine form if you take due care of it. The first rule is to handle your Banarasi saree (for wedding) with gentleness. Avoid wearing sharp ornaments with your saree. Store your saree in a muslin cloth bag, and you can even add neem leaves in the storage area to prevent bugs and moisture. Only dry clean your saree and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. By using these simple tricks, you can make your saree a cherished part of your closet.

Where To Find Authentic Banarasi Silk Sarees

Many known designers offer Banarasi sarees. You can check out the collection at some high-end designers like Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra, and Tarun Tahiliani. To ensure the authenticity of the saree, buy a Banarasi saree online, only from websites that have a good reputation and positive customer reviews, like Kalkifashion.com. The brand is known for its rich quality sarees that are both royal and tasteful. You can also ask for quality assurance labels or check photographs of the product closely when buying a saree online. When you are present at the physical store, you can identify the quality of the saree by touching and feeling it. 


A red Banarasi saree is truly a symbol of elegance and luxury. It is mostly worn by brides on their special days. Just like a red saree, all Banarasi sarees reflect Indian heritage and traditions. If you deeply study the history and characteristics of a Banarasi saree, you will be able to appreciate the beauty in its true form. You can buy a Banarasi saree for a wedding or any other special occasion to look exceptionally beautiful. Always store and maintain your saree well so that you can even pass it on to your younger generations. Add this timeless classic to your wardrobe and look graceful whenever you adorn it. 

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