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The ultimate guide to men’s necklaces.?


Jan 21, 2023

Ask yourself how much you would like the necklace to attract attention to you. Do you dream of an incredibly thick gold chain or would you prefer a simple

Know what you are going to wear with your necklace Will

 Based on the answer to this question, you will be able to choose the ideal size and length. A necklace decorated with a Thor’s hammer pendant can give your outfit some punch when worn over a simple t-shirt, while a 2mm gold steel chain will look very stylish slipped discreetly under a button-up shirt.

And if you’re looking for something light, easy to wear all summer long, a waxed cotton necklace can go with you both at the pool and for an evening cocktail.

From colorful pearl necklaces to silver and gold stainless steel, your necklace will

need to match the other colors and metals in your attire. If you wear bracelets,

rings or a watch, keep everything perfectly consistent. And since the necklaces are in contact with the skin, make sure they are made of nickel-free metal to avoid any allergic reactions.

Knowing how many to wear

This goes back to point number 2. It is difficult to wear several necklaces under a shirt without their outline becoming apparent. But besides a shirt… do whatever you want.

To layer necklaces, choose 2 or 3 of different textures and lengths. Wearing 3 large golden chains will never be as elegant as 2 chains of different thickness matched with a pearl necklace made up of a few golden pearls, for a perfectly harmonious color reminder.

For more information on how to layer necklaces, check out our ultimate guide to layering necklaces.

The average length of most men’s chains is 50 cm. The chain then falls at the level of the collarbone between the two upper buttons of a shirt and can be worn inside or outside the shirt. If you are wearing a pendant, opt for a 55-63cm chain so that the pendant falls in the middle of your chest.

55-61cm – Hits mid-chest and is perfect for pairing with a medallion, sendant or military dog ​​tags. Can be worn inside or outside the shirt.

61-76cm – Designed to be worn outside your shirt. Ideally made up of a thicker chain and/or accompanied by a large pendant. Will attract attention.

If you only wear a chain (and aren’t looking for a necklace that’s a loud fashion statement), a width of 2-6mm will be perfect to start with. If you later want to add a pendant to it, make sure it is the right size for the chain and that its thickness does not overshadow it. If you are looking for a gold chain with large links for a really really “bling” result, go for a link thickness of 12 mm or more. Chain width and length go hand in hand, so make sure they are proportional – in other words, don’t go for 12mm thick 35cm chains.

Showing Gold Steel Zirconia Military Dog Tag Pendant Necklace , Black Dog Tag Pendant Necklace & Silver Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

The widespread use of dog tag collars dates back to the American Civil War and both World Wars. These collars are usually used as identification in the event of injury or death. During the Second World War, the United States army decided to show the religious preference of each person who wore them, using the letter P for Protestant, C for Catholic or H for Jew. Later, during the Korean War (1950-53), the letter X was added for “unlisted religion” as well as the letter Y for people claiming no religion – or preferring not to communicate this information. Are you from the Jedi religion? You will need to choose the letter

Soldiers traditionally wear 2 tags – one remains on the body in the event of death and the other is collected for identification and record keeping. One of these plates is attached to the main chain while the other is attached to a thinner chain in order to be easier to remove.

Military Tags and Engraving Military tag collars have moved from the battlefield to fashion shows and although they are no longer used to identify a body in the morgue, they still hold a degree of self-identification. Today, you can have your dog tags engraved with the text of your choice, from a special date to the lyrics of your favorite song.

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