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Why is it important to choose the right shampoo?


Jan 21, 2023
choose the right shampoo

We all want a beautiful material, and healthy, shiny and supple hair. And for that, no secret, it starts with the way you wash them and how you treat your scalp. Which product to choose? How often do you wash them? Should we avoid silicones? We take stock with a selection of the best shampoos.

Choosing the right shampoo

Veuch, tifs, hair: whatever name we give them, we often have a complicated relationship with our hair… Curly, we often dream of hair as smooth as chopsticks and vice versa. But if the secret was to have a beautiful material? Whether you are a fan of low poo or not, we take stock.

What is a good shampoo?

A shampoo adapted to your hair type and your current needs. The scalp which regreases quickly does not have the same needs as one which is dry, nor even that which presents dandruff. A shampoo that washes effectively without stripping. Finally, a shampoo that does not cause dandruff and leaves the hair supple and shiny.

How often should you wash your hair?

Ideally every 3 days maximum for oily hair and up to 7 days without problem for dry hair. It is above all the scalp that needs to be rid of sebum, dust and impurities, no need to vigorously rub the lengths. Do not hesitate to massage your skull at the same time, to stimulate blood circulation: this boosts hair growth.

Should silicones be avoided in hair care?

You’ve heard that silicones should be banned from hair products , but do you know why? Does this apply to all hair types? Silicones bring shine to the hair but, in the long term, they prevent the care from penetrating the hair fiber. Indeed, contrary to the skin which is renewed, the hair is an inert matter. Over time, the silicone layers overlap and form a barrier.

Avoid silicone-based shampoos if your hair is naturally dry, with dry ends.

They are avoided if your hair is mistreated by coloring, attacked and sensitized by smoothing, straightening, because care must not be slowed down by silicones to act.

No particular concern if your hair is normal, slightly damaged and does not require specific care.

If you have a silicone-free shampoo routine and your hairdresser uses it occasionally, don’t panic, it’s not a one-time application that will harm your hair.

I’m looking for a shampoo to nourish and bring shine to my dull or dry hair

A shampoo tested and approved in the salon to obtain a beautiful material and bring shine. Its formula, without silicone, with precious oils helps to revive the shine of the hair. The combination of coriander oil, apricot oil and camelina oil softens, heals and disciplines the hair fibre. A little gem to take care of your hair!

 I am looking for a shampoo for my irritated scalp

This shampoo is a real blessing for irritated, itchy scalps that need a treatment that washes with extreme gentleness , without sulphate, while providing hydration thanks to a blend of 6 beneficial oils. The plus: it helps tame frizz.

For scalps that struggle with the problems of dandruff, itching and scaling, this shampoo is ideally used as an attack cure to treat the problem effectively. It limits the proliferation of yeast which causes dandruff and regulates excess sebum. To be adopted in case of severe dandruff.

Colored hair tends to lose color vibrancy over time. This shampoo brings shine and revives the radiance of natural color or coloring. It can be used with the conditioner of the range for an optimal result. The plus: there are several versions to choose the shade that suits us.

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