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10 tips for taking great photos with your cell phone camera.?


Jan 21, 2023

However, Filiberto clarified that a good camera is also fundamental, since the quality of the lenses and the characteristics of the equipment complement the “good genius” of the photographer. In the end, all these elements play together to arrive at a good image. And fortunately, smartphones – which are in the hands of almost everyone today – can also be a great tool for taking photos.

After waking up in a good mood and having a good team – for the workshop, Filiberto was ‘playing around’ with the Xiaomi Mi note 10 , a mobile phone with one of the most advanced cameras on the market – we have to also take into account some advice that the expert shared during the workshop, the first activity carried out within the framework of the alliance recently sealed by Impacto TIC and Xiaomi.

“At Xiaomi, as connoisseurs of technology and innovation, we work every day to provide users with devices with unparalleled benefits, as we know the camera. We offer smart equipment with lenses up to at 108MP, which allow you to capture unique memories, ” said Gonzalo Hurtado, Commercial Director of Xiaomi Colombia.

The 10 tips for taking good photos (even without being a professional in the field) that Filiberto gave us are the following, and they will surely help you a lot to participate in the activity described at the end of this text:

Passion and will

To take good photos, you have to have a lot of enthusiasm and “always move forward”. There’s a big difference between simply capturing an image and taking a good photo. And a big part of success depends on the passion and goodwill that one puts into the task.

Select a good mobile phone or suitable camera

When the passion and the will are “armed”, good photographs can be taken with equipment that is not necessarily professional. But to the extent that better tools will be available (good dynamic range so as not to lose the midtones between lights and shadows, or management of manual functions, among others), the photos will also be better and better. Needless to say, if you have a device like the Mi Note 10, which captures 108-megapixel images.

Know the chracteristics of your mobile phone or camera

If the camera does everything, but the user does not know or is not clear how to take advantage of all the tools at their disposal, they are also missing Filiberto recommends reading the manuals (those little books that come with the equipment or that you find on the Internet, in which hardly anyone notices), to learn in depth all the possibilities offered by the camera or smartphone.

Check your mobile phone’s charge, memory capacity and cleanliness of glasses

Do not go to take photos without making sure that the cell phone battery is fully charged and has enough memory. The higher the resolution you use, the better the images will be, but they will also take up more space. In this case, the 128 GB of storage and the 10 5.260 mAh battery charge of the Mi Note XNUMX pretty much guarantee that you will not encounter these kinds of problems. But if you don’t stop taking photos all day, surely an external battery and microSD memory will be a good complement for your mobile phone.

 All of them, because remember that in the case of smartphones, each performs different functions. Do not keep the cell phone in the same pocket where you have your keys or coins, or any object that may scratch these components.

Know how to use your camera in manual mode (clear triangle, ISO, f and V)

Filiberto does not like taking pictures in automatic mode. However, thanks to the artificial intelligence found in today’s phones, it’s a great resource for the less savvy.

But when you have the soul of a potter, like our photography expert, the ideal is to switch to Manual or Pro mode and experiment with all the parameters offered by the equipment: ISO, speed, diaphragm opening, balance of whites, color temperature… Each of these concepts requires a more detailed explanation ( You can find it here ), but as it is mastered, it is also possible to play with them to make photographs that have never crossed our minds. ‘mind.

Make a good framing and excellent composition

Framing and composition are essential for the photos to speak for themselves , which, according to Filiberto, must always be achieved as a photographer (professional or amateur). Here, he made things a little more difficult for us, because there’s no denying that photographers have a special flair for capturing spectacular images. But the example he uses speaks volumes: pretend that the image you want to capture is like an image you’re going to paint on a canvas.

First, if you’re at a party, make sure the grandma doesn’t have her head cut off; and if they take a sunset, that the Sun is not left out.

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