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Fashion forward: crafting flawless ensembles with women’s watches


Jul 10, 2023
women's watches

Given that men’s watches dominate the market, it can be difficult for women to dress their watches effectively. Some women misunderstand the part a watch may play in fashion, classifying it in the same category as their jewelry and pairing the two for what they might consider being a complete look.

Although this isn’t entirely false, ladies can use watches to drive a fashion sensibility in far bolder ways than matching metallics. On the other hand, there are occasions when watches shouldn’t be too dazzling or covered in bling because it can ruin a whole outfit.

Do not worry; we have compiled a few guidelines for you to follow, and soon you will realize how much of a difference your watch can make to your style. Here are ways to create flawless ensembles with watches for women.

Formal wear

Always wear conventional timepieces when wearing a formal watch. Classic women’s watches are incredibly adaptable and can be fashioned to fit any event or appearance. They are understated, which is more significant. Never let your watch detract from the rest of your style; instead, let it work harmoniously.

The most formal occasion asks for simplicity in the timepiece if you wear an evening gown. An appropriate dress watch only requires a thin black or brown leather band showing the time in hours, minutes, and seconds, with the date displaying at most. Make sure any metallic straps you wear coordinate with metallic accents on your clothing or other accessories.

Minimalist style

A minimalist look entails wearing different hues and textures of the same general tone. When done correctly, the appearance can be anything from plain, but your watch must coordinate with the rest of your accessories. Your watch face should reflect how classy and elegant the minimalist style is.

Wear a watch with a white face and strap if you’re wearing all white, and a dark face and strap if you’re wearing black. Avoid wearing anything distracting since minimalism demands very distinct lines and patterns. Luxury minimalist watches are well known for their appreciation of the elegance of minimalism.

Casual chic style

Stainless steel straps are the most versatile choicefor daily wear, whether at the office, working out at the gym, or going shopping. You should match metallics and your accessories appropriately as well. Consider wearing a gold strap, for instance, if your purse has a gold clasp.

Although comfort should be the primary consideration when choosing a casual watch, metal bands may not be the most comfortable. Additionally, it’s a time when you can use brighter colors. For a more casual look, why not experiment with multicolored straps? It gives your clothing a hippie-inspired twist, and you can always switch them out for different suited options.

Classic look

Women who like the classic look appreciate traditional-looking timepieces or analog watches with leather straps and metal link bands. A vast selection of timepieces in classic hues, including silver, gold, and rose gold, are easily accessible. Different brands produce watches using various materials and metal tones to match a wide range of jewelry and clothing. Due to historical design traditions, ladies have traditionally worn traditional men’s watches for a more confident and businesslike appearance.

The fashion statement

Limiting the use of glittery and striking colors on your watch to just your wrist when you want to create a fashion statement is preferable. Reduce the intensity of your outfit’s components and fix your gaze on your watch. Make it the discussion topic with little attention to your attire. To make a fashion statement, you may choose a watch with a striking face and sparkles to produce a stunning impact.

Select the right jewelry for your watch.

It’s time to pick the right jewelry for your women’s watch now that you can style it. When selecting jewelry for your watch, keeping a few things in mind would be beneficial. The material of the watch should be your priority. Consider wearing gold or silver jewelry if you own a gold or silver watch. Consider stainless steel jewelry if you already own a stainless steel watch.

The design of the watch is the next item you should think about.Dressier jewelry may be appropriate if you wear a dress watch. Consider more casual jewelry if you already own a casual watch.

Consider the size

As an accessory, wristwatches have the convenience of additional variation. They come in assorted case sizes, can be worn on the inside and outside of the wrist, and have removable bands that allow the wearer to customize the watch beyond its basic design. Women’s watches are no different, so it’s crucial to keep the following in mind while selecting your outfit: While the larger case and high profile of an automatic watch make it more imposing, it is also bulkier as an accessory. Regardless of gender, buying timepieces still involves the same fundamentals.

Women’s watches are getting smaller in comparison to men’s trends. Smaller faces on your wrist heighten a feminine appeal. However, that is not to imply that you cannot wear a larger face to suit your fashion. Watches like Bauering feature giant faces with leather bands and a sophisticated edge for a touch more bohemian style. When wearing a large face watch, avoid clean lines, plain patterns, and vivid colors, as they can appear overtly masculine.

The newest wristwear trend for ladies worldwide is oversized watch dials, especially on lightweight quartz watches. These watches, often 40mm and larger, leap off the wrist to create a striking accent for casual attire. But there is much to be happy about in the women’s watch options that are presently available. Double-wrap straps are a fun way to update your attire while keeping your time close at hand. A double-wrap strap can blend well with your favorite ensemble when accessorized with a few extra bangles.


Women have endless timepieces, whether they are massive rose gold designs or vintage leather strap watches. Select the top designs to establish your signature style from the many creative and distinctive options to enhance your wrist game.

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