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Natural color contact lenses


Jan 23, 2023
Natural color contact lenses

Colored contact lenses are the ideal solution for anyone who intends to experiment with their own look: these colored lenses  are designed and thought for those who want to feel  of their gaze.

After carefully considering which are the main needs to be met, we decided to find the ideal way to be able to meet all the needs. Thus, we have created a selection of colored lenses for all tastes and needs: they can be worn both for a special evening and for anyone who works in the fashion sector. In fact, there are many actors and models who have chosen to use them to bring out the natural beauty of their face. In any case, the use of our glasses is synonymous with class, elegance, beauty and practicality.

Color contact lenses: discover the colors:

Thanks to our many options to choose from, you can feel like a unique person every day by experimenting with your look and choosing from our must-have colors Blue, Grey, Green and Brown : each option is also available in different shades in order to you can have fun!

Buy online Chiara Lens color contact lenses characterized by extremely natural and realistic shades. The innovative materials with which they are made guarantee maximum comfort for a whole day.

What are colored contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses are particular devices that have been created in order to change the natural color of the iris: they exist on the market in different colors and, depending on the type of lens, it is possible to totally change the color or to highlight the own natural coloring thanks to the presence of pleasant shades; the choice in general is subjective and depends on the final effect that one would like to obtain. Colored contact lenses are safe and, for this reason, allow you to change the color of your iris for a single day or for a different period without creating a vision problem.

What materials are Chiara Lens color contact lenses made of?

Color contact lenses are devices made from the best raw materials. To ensure maximum safety, PolyHEMA, a polymer with particular characteristics, has been used for their realization, able to give the glass the maximum softness and safety. In addition, the glasses have been made with a minimum water content of 40% : this guarantees the right degree of hydration, in order to guarantee comfort and safety throughout the day.

The resulting benefit is that the eye feels well hydrated and rested even after wearing them for 24 consecutive hours.

Why use colored contact lenses?

Color lenses are devices that can be used to dramatically change the color of your eyes or alter the natural color by introducing pleasing shades of coloration. Colored contact lenses are indeed designed to accentuate the small details of the eye. Choosing to use colored contact lenses is very advantageous because thanks to these devices you can change your look depending on the occasion: thanks to a few steps necessary to wear and remove them, you can experiment with new looks and feel even more naturally charming and elegant.

Which color contact lenses to choose?

Choosing the best colored contact lenses is extremely subjective and largely depends on the end result you want to achieve. If you’ve chosen to use colored lenses, it’s probably because you’re planning on changing up your look, which is why it’s essential to choose the color that best suits your face. To meet your needs and make it easier to choose the right shade, Chiara Lens has created different types of shades, all quarterly and adaptable to any face and skin tone : in this way the choice will become easier and you can let yourself go to wear our unique and inimitable colors.

How to use colored contact lenses?

Wearing and removing colored contact lenses is very simple: however, certain precautions must be observed. First of all, both to apply them and to remove them, you must wash your hands carefully, using detergent soaps and taking care to dry them well. It is important to remember that the lens should only be applied after placing it on the tip of the index finger: in this way the application will be much easier.

Even for removal, it is mandatory that the hands be thoroughly cleaned: contact lenses are very delicate and poor cleaning could cause the appearance of annoying phenomena such as, for example, inflammation and irritation. For reusable lenses, once removed, they must be disinfected and placed in special packaging that will guarantee maximum sterility.

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