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Ultimate Guide for Aftershave Cream and Lotion


May 17, 2023
Cream and Lotion

Some men shave daily, and some like to keep their facial hair long and glorious. But have you been getting pimples, itching, or bumping after shaving? It happens because some people forget to use lotion or cream after shaving. Therefore, to avoid bumps and irritation, apply aftershave lotion. Aftershave lotion and cream repair the skin post-shaving and keep it irritation-free. 

Steps to Apply Aftershave 

Step 1: Shave and rinse your face with warm water to wash off the soap or shaving cream. 

Step 2: Rinse your face with cold water to help close up your pores after shaving. 

Step 3: Pat your face and neck dry gently with a towel. 

Step 4: Select an aftershave according to your skin type and squeeze a small amount of aftershave on your palm. 

Step 5: Rub your hands together, then apply the aftershave on your shaved area, including your neck. 

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Aftershave Products

  • Avoid products with perfume and other unnecessary ingredients if you have sensitive skin. Select aftershave specially made for sensitive skin. 
  • Use only a dime-sized amount to avoid overdoing the cologne scent. 
  • Do not apply aftershave immediately after shaving; it might irritate your skin. 

Benefits of Aftershave Cream and Lotion

  • They help to remove aches, redness, and inflammation. 
  • Aftershave cream makes your skin soft and smooth. 
  • They provide moisture which prevents oil glands from producing extra oil. 
  • After-shave lotion provides freshness all day long. 
  • Reduces swelling from skin damage and ingrown hairs and keeps the skin hydrated. 
  • It promotes the regrowth of skin tissues which protects your healthy skin. 

Best Aftershave Lotion and Cream 

Deciding on an aftershave product is tricky. But no need to worry; we have shortlisted some aftershave products to keep your skin hydrated. 

23 Yards After Shave Lotion 

23 Yards after shave lotion comes with the goodness of Taurine that helps boost blood circulation & gives skin an instant energised effect. It also contains vitamin E (which helps to fight UV damage), algae extract, and juicy citrus. It gives your skin ultimate moisturisation. This lotion gives your skin vitality while keeping you fresh and cool and safeguards your skin throughout the day. This lotion will keep your skin soft and smooth even after shaving every day. It is free from harmful chemicals like paraben and sulphate and is recyclable. Plus, it is suitable for both men and women. 

Mancode Aftershave Balm 

This balm comes with the goodness of turmeric, aloe vera, lemon oil and chamomile oil. This balm is lightweight and refreshes and revitalises the skin. The balm has an anti-inflammatory formula that fights skin issues. It calms redness and itches caused by shaving. It soothes and repairs the skin using an essential oil that hydrates and restores skin without any burning sensation. It moisturises and strengthens skin after shaving while providing extra care for dry skin. This men’s aftershave has a thick texture and is suitable for normal and dry skin. 

Nivea Men Deep Impact Comfort After Shave Lotion 

Nivea men’s after shave lotion is an antibacterial formula that comforts the skin after shaving. It prevents skin dryness and is dermatologically tested. It helps the aches recover quickly after shaving. This shaving lotion makes skin smooth and does not cause any irritation. This men’s aftershave has a woody masculine fragrance that makes you feel fresh throughout the day. It is an ideal aftershave lotion for men

Bombay Shaving Company Post Shave Balm 

Bombay shaving company post-shave balm comes with superfoods like lemon, papaya, tea tree oil, and aloe vera. It has an exquisite musky scent. It moisturises the skin and is infused with witch hazel that helps protect against skin damage and Vitamin E, which restores oil, removes redness, and calms skin. This balm hydrates the skin and opens up pores. In addition, it eliminates post-shave cuts and burns. With daily usage, you will find your skin glowing and irritation free. 

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling After Shave Lotion 

Nivea Men Sensitive Cooling after shaving lotion comes with chamomile, Vitamin E, and provitamin B5. The lotion helps to soothe and moisturise skin post-shave. It has a non-greasy and non-sticky formula that quickly gets absorbed into the skin. It calms irritation without burning while offering a long-lasting mild, and comfortable cooling sensation. It also gives relief from five significant shaving issues. It is dermatologically tested and free from all toxic chemicals. It is ideal for sensitive skin. Lastly, always keep aftershave products away from windows and out of the bathroom. Buy these shaving lotions and creams from Health & Glow online and instantly get irritation and redness-free skin!

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